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We support projects working in decentralization with UX/UI and architecture design.

Design sprint illustration

Design Sprints

We offer remote design support, ranging from 3-hour workshops to week-long sprints. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Developing a UX/UI pattern for a particular workflow
  • Workshopping terminology, explanation, or illustrations for onboarding
  • Designing a feature from the ground up
  • Beginning user research and testing
  • Reviewing of current designs based on best practices
Architecture sprint illustration

Architecture Sprints

  • Architecture review, resulting in a report on usability implications
  • Developer-facing documentation
  • Is your architecture ready for a particular design?
  • What architecture adjustments could help reach your design goals?
  • We build an example application with your protocol or developer-facing library, and give feedback to your team.
Informational interview illustration

Informational Interview

Are you working on a decentralized protocol or application, and would like to share your thoughts? We are putting together practical guidelines for decentralized applications, and are interested in hearing your perspective. Our research focuses on:

  • What use cases are decentralized applications being applied to?
  • What user experience pattern does your application use for X, Y, Z feature?
  • What protocol or library do you use for an application with some given constraints?
  • What are the trade-offs in approaches for key user interactions such as multi-device, backup, and discoverability?
  • Who is currently working on X, Y, Z topic?

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